Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast With A Twist!

When it comes to barbecuing your English breakfast, we don’t simply mean cooking some sausages and bacon and toast, and frying some eggs and mushrooms on the side burner – we mean barbecuing a whole cooked breakfast in one!

The creation of food lover Steve Heyes, and dubbed the “Full English Fatty”, this is one dish to serve up to really hungry barbecue guests! Consisting of all the ingredients you’d expect of a traditional English breakfast, including bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, and mushrooms, this special BBQ feast wraps all the foods within a layer of toast.

Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast
Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast

Once prepared, the Full English Fatty is slowly cooked for six hours over the embers on a barbecue.

Taking his inspiration for this barbecued breakfast from an American barbecue dish known as the “Fatty”, Mr Heyes explained he wanted to make something truly special rather than simply serving the individual ingredients from the barbecue.

There is even a layer of brown sauce included within the meal.

Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast

However, barbecue fans excited by the sound of this dish should be aware that a complete breakfast is not a light concoction – it weighs a whopping 1.6kg and packs in a staggering 9,000 calories. Of course, it’s not designed for one, but rather to be steam cooked on the grill for six hours, and then sliced and shared between 12 people.

Mr Heyes told MailOnline: “This is one fierce breakfast and not something you would want to eat every day. More than one slice at a time would clog your arteries and could induce a heart attack. The only healthy part are the mushrooms. The Full English Fatty is one meaty feast, with no respite. Each mouthful is sausage, bacon, more sausage and more bacon.

Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast
Barbecued Traditional English Breakfast

“This is a whole meal cooked on a barbecue – not just a burnt sausage and burger that you often find each summer.”

This barbecue dish is all about layers, including a base of pork mince and intertwined strips of bacon. Once prepared, the Full English Fatty is then rolled into a giant sausage shape and cooked on a hot stone on the BBQ. When ready, a slice of the breakfast is served with a cup of tea and some baked beans.

Explaining why he decided to make such a hearty barbecue breakfast

Explaining why he decided to make such a hearty barbecue breakfast, Mr Heyes said: “We thought about what makes a proper English breakfast. For us it’s bacon, sausage, egg, black pudding, fried mushrooms, baked beans and toast. So we decided to put our breakfast ingredients, apart from the beans, inside a spicy American style fatty, all wrapped up in a bacon weave.”

When it came to the toast element of the breakfast, he wanted to give it a more defining role – hence it became the outer casing.

English Breakfast
English Breakfast

“We decided to wrap our smoked fatty in dough and then bake it off on a hot stone in a BBQ to create the Full English experience. It was finished off with a nice cup of tea and some baked beans on the side.”

Are you tempted by this barbecued traditional English breakfast with a twist?

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